Letters, Week of June 18, 2015

Notes from a leader

To The Editor:
Re “Odd Politics” (UnderCover June 4 – 17):

I apologize to the editors for not getting back in a timely manner with comments on my race for Democratic district leader in the 66th Assembly district, Part B.

A Democratic district leader is a nonpaying Democratic Party position. That being said, we have many duties and a lot of meetings. We are volunteers and work very hard. A lot of elected officials like to say what they have done, but I won’t say what I have done. This is because I am a part of a collaborative effort. I couldn’t have done anything without support.

However, I will say we have built a beautiful community. I’ve served many years on the board of the Washington Market Park, before the New York City Parks Dept. took it over. I served on the Community Education Council District 2, and I’m one of the original members of Assemblymember Sheldon Silver’s Task Force on School Overcrowding.

 I am a proven leader that gets things done and have a good working relationship with all of our elected officials. My mom always taught me that self-praise stinks. Therefore in the coming months I will let our elected officials speak of my work and my ability to get things done.

Sometimes elections can be downright dirty. Sometimes negative campaigning works. In this case, I can’t see how the people I’ve worked with and for could be fooled.  I would like to close and say that I love my community, that I’ve raised two beautiful daughters here, and that my wife and I are proud grandparents.
John R. Scott 
Democratic district leader

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