Mystico’s Late May Horoscopes


Aquarius Like a lost explorer, you will mistake a wrong turn for the right destination. Plant your flag with caution, and try not to destroy the native culture.

Pisces Proceed with caution, bold Pisces, when a charismatic stranger pitches his “can’t-lose” business plan. Few survive falls from a pyramid!

Aries You will become invigorated, then scared, then full of righteous resolve when a crucial workplace task is increased twofold.

Taurus Uncharacteristic actions taken on your summer vacation are like Fleet Week hook-ups: pleasant diversions best not to be repeated or turned into general audience slide shows.

Gemini Laundry static, needy friends, stupid superstitions and leather pants that no longer fit: these are things whose cling you must conquer.

Cancer Structure is the last thing you need this week. Keep plans, morals and standards loose, and an epic adventure will be your reward.

Leo Like the most solid slab of granite, a mental roadblock will yield to the power of persistent hammering. Lucky numbers: 8, 78, 32, 27, 9.

Virgo On the second Wednesday of next month, the universe will gift you with the ability to glean investment tips from the third word in the slogan on a distant billboard.

Libra Beware the beguiling new barista, shopkeep, humble newsie or sassy seamstress who tempts you to stray from a proven routine.

Scorpio Odd details from an uneasy dream about your role in a popular traveling circus act will provide a window into the motives of a casual acquaintance.

Sagittarius Why keep dancing down brick roads, questing for wizards and compulsively clicking your heels? You’re already home, silly Sagittarius.

Capricorn A breakthrough realization this Thursday afternoon has you ready to get on the bus — but choose your route carefully and wisely, cautious Capricorn.

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