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“Hope Spreads To Bring Trader Joe’s To New Chase Plaza”
(POSTED, Apr 3):
Please please please we want a Trader Joe’s here!!!
Zette Emmons

“UnderCover March 26 – April 8, 2015: Chin, Seaport & Jon Stewart”
(POSTED, Mar 26)
Good for you, pointing out Chin’s ambivalent language! This is how she spoke regarding the NYU boondoggle, before selling the community down the river. Expect the same here.
Betty Rafferty

“Woman Killed In Accident Wasn’t Taken To Closest E.R.”
(POSTED, Mar 26)
Why doesn’t C.B. 2 call on the mayor and elected officials to begin the process of finding a place to locate a HOSPITAL with an appropriate ER that could eventually transition to a Trauma Center to serve lower Manhattan and the West side??? The nearest Level 1 Trauma Center (since the closure of St. Vincent’s) to all of lower Manhattan is Bellevue. The nearest Level 1 Trauma Center on the West side is at 110th Street and Amsterdam, St. Luke’s/Roosevelt. It is an outrageous situation that puts millions of New Yorkers at risk, every single day. Most people do not know that all hospitals, and all ERs are not created equal. Many serious injuries, brain injury, gun shot wounds, motor vehicle accidents, to name a few, typically need to be treated at Level 1 Trauma Center. People should be truly outraged. Instead, many, including our elected officials seem to accept that a large percentage of Manhattanites will need to make it through traffic to Bellevue for life-saving services.

“ON THE SPOT: Signe Nielsen”
(POSTED, Mar 26)
nice job Signe. Thanks for your great work all these years in the neighborhood.
Best, Dan Alterman

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