Transit Sam, Week of Nov. 6, 2014

Thurs., Nov. 6 – Wed., Nov. 12


Happy Veteran’s Day! I salute all of our courageous veterans. To honor the day, the Veteran’s Day Festival will close Broadway between Liberty St. and Battery Pl. 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tues., Nov. 11.

The Veteran’s Day Parade in Midtown will close Fifth Ave. between 23rd and 53rd Sts., Broadway between 23rd and 25th Sts., 26th and 27th Sts. between Broadway and Park Ave., and 28th and 29th Sts. between Broadway and Madison Ave. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Veterans will start assembling an hour earlier so please show respect and avoid driving in the area.

Lower Manhattan will see impacts when drivers headed crosstown take 14th and Houston Sts. as they switch from the Lincoln Tunnel to the Holland Tunnel. For the most up-to-date gridlock information follow me on Twitter @GridlockSam.

Special alert this weekend for the Brooklyn Bridge! All Manhattan-bound lanes will close for 54 consecutive hours, midnight Friday night through 6 a.m. Monday. That will send drivers over the Manhattan Bridge and onto Canal St., as well as down to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and onto West St.

The Jets play the Steelers 1 p.m. Sunday at Metlife Stadium. Fan traffic to and from the game will clog up the Lincoln Tunnel, sending drivers down to the Holland. Expect slowdowns before and after the game.

The National Kidney Foundation Walk will close Lafayette and Centre Sts. from Worth St. to the Brooklyn Bridge 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday.


From the mailbag:


Dear Transit Sam,

Is parking between the stop line and the crosswalk a legal way to park? I’m certain it is. There are too many people parking behind the stop line, hence taking up nearly two, whole, legal spaces. I’d like to make a flyer to put on vehicles, in my neighborhood, but haven’t had any luck finding proof, online, of my assertions.


Suzette, New York


Dear Suzette,

 You’re right, it is legal. The stop lines (or bar) only apply to moving vehicles and do not define a crosswalk. Section 4-08 of N.Y.C. traffic rules allow vehicles to park up to the pedestrian crosswalk, marked or unmarked. The city’s Dept. of Transportation has been installing more stop lines, several feet before crosswalks, to ensure that motorists don’t block the crosswalk and to increase safety. Thus, it’s possible, signs permitting of course, to be legally parked between the stop line and crosswalk.


Transit Sam


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