Mystico’s Early October Horoscopes


Aquarius  A chatty encounter with the seldom-seen mutual friend of a sworn enemy endows you with heretofore hidden facts, with which to mend the riff or widen it.

Pisces  Like that newly opened section of the High Line, this week’s love life promises fresh, bold takes on proven techniques sure to delight tourists and locals alike. 

Aries  An old chum will breeze into town, with Throwback Thursday photos that awaken a youthful dream you’ve long since given up on. Go for it!

Taurus  This is the week you’ve been waiting for, in matters of piping up for what you want and getting it just the way you like it. Accepting this bounty with humility sets the stage for greater goods.

Gemini  You never forget the misdeeds of others — but tread lightly when it comes to drudging up the past to humble a detractor. Foes, when properly finessed, can become fast friends.

Cancer  You will balk at the price of an expensive pillow, setting the stage for more restless nights. At what price peace, frugal Cancer?

Leo  Like the new crew on “The View,” a shifting dynamic at work will take time to gel. Abandon your drive to be Whoopi, and learn from the light interplay between Rosies P & O’D.

Virgo  Eggs, rules, sincere promises and fragile tailbones: These things are apt to be broken — unless you reign in that temper, my dear mercurial Virgo.

Libra  This is not the week for bold actions, unless you count staying indoors and baking cookies. Do so, while you patiently wait for the opportunity that will present itself during the next full moon.

Scorpio Emotions flare, during an unwelcome conversation with an inquisitive telemarketer. A housepet’s shocked stare at this shameful display snaps you out of your ill-advised fury. 

Sagittarius  A wacky invention will yield nothing but debt and depression — but the secret to a fortune awaits, tucked into the marketing plan you pluck from a dream.

Capricorn  Like the sea turtle who storms the beach to lay its eggs, you will soon find yourself riding a fast and frothy tide intelligently designed to steer your secret ambition onto shore.

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