Mystico, Week of Aug. 14, 2014


Aquarius  A sweet deal will be sealed, when you put that potentially alienating iron fist into a warm and welcoming velvet glove.

Pisces  Commit to plans that are far, far beyond your abilities. This is the year’s best week for bold action, too-timid Pisces! 

Aries  Don’t be afraid to ask a friend, who’s already in a pickle of their own, to help you out of a jam.

Taurus Smarm and sass trump sugar and spice, when deflecting the cruel barbs of a trite and tactless detractor.

Gemini Broker peace between your needs and your wants by crafting a two-column vertical list. Then burn it, then call your mother, then heed her advice.

Cancer  Rough winds blow, when an old friend shows up with a new opportunity that comes with certain risks, potential reward and a strange, shocking twist.

Leo  A seemingly unstable carnival ride proves safe, fun and thrilling. Not every loose bolt leads to disaster — but each new day requires risk.

Virgo  Jump at the chance to complete a sweet-talking foe’s cumbersome project. Those who paint Huck’s fence aren’t suckers — they’re literary legends!

Libra  Think seriously before getting all the dishy details about that thing you’ve been obsessing over. The requirement to keep it a secret is beyond you.

Scorpio  Even the most rugged fabric requires repair after multiple washings. Ditto for your frayed sense of self-worth lately. Patch it up, and parade it around! 

Sagittarius  An inescapable viral video will make you rethink your crippling fear of insects, rowdy teens, rebate forms or emotional vulnerability.

Capricorn  Look to others for financial gain and romantic advice — next Tuesday, 4-6 p.m. only. Otherwise, trust your gut, circle your wagons, and do it yourself

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