Police Blotter, Week of Nov. 20, 2013

Grand Larceny: Hot wheels discovered after stumble, slumber
A boozy night at 1 Oak planted the seeds for a solid “eight” on the scale of costly morning-after regrets. At 1am on Mon., Nov. 11, a woman exited the popular club (at 453 W. 17th St., btw. 9th & 10th Aves.), en route to her car. The good news? The admittedly intoxicated woman never got behind the wheel of her 2013 Honda Civic. The bad news? She slept it off in a nearby apartment, after (according to police) “meeting up with a few guys from the area.” Shortly before noon, the woman awoke, unable to locate her car keys. The vehicle had been stolen, and unauthorized charges were made on a credit card (which was in the car, along with her driver’s license and social security card).

Grand Larceny: Bicycle thief snatches cell
At around 6:30pm on Wed., Nov. 13, a man riding a bicycle trailed a 21-year-old woman, as she was walking southbound, on 10th Ave. When they were near the corner of W. 25th St., the bicyclist removed a $200 Apple iPhone 5 from her hand — and sped off, westbound, until the victim lost sight of him (near W. 23rd St.).

Criminal Possession: The cigarette smoker’s a pipe perp
In the early afternoon of Mon, Nov. 11, police arrested a 41-year-old man who initially drew attention to himself when he was observed smoking a cigarette in Chelsea Park (9th to 10th Aves., btw. W. 27th & 28th Sts.) — in violation of, the arresting officers noted, “a clearly posted sign depicting the rules and regulations of the park.” Upon investigation, the man was found to have two open dockets. He was not, however, hauled in for his use of nicotine or his impending court appearances. Criminal possession of a controlled substance was the charge, after a search of the perp turned up a crack pipe.

— Scott Stiffler

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