Spider-Man crew to film & eat Downtown



“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” will be shooting in the Financial District’s 20 Exchange Place in April, but promises to stay under the radar.

Location manager Jason Farrar updated Community Board 1’s Financial District Committee on Wednesday night about filming on April 22, 23, 24 and 29.

“Filming is disruptive,” Farrar said, when it is not done right, adding, “We’re going to do everything we can to make this as easy as possible.”

Farrar said that “Spider-Man” will be bringing in 250 crew members who will be fed breakfast, but will be asked them to patronize local businesses such as in the nearby Stone Street Historic District on their lunch break.

Farrar also said that the crew will keep large production trucks off narrow streets and be mindful of where they set up generators so the sound does not bounce into residential buildings.

He wasn’t sure yet of the exact filming times of the interior shoot, but thought it would start early in the morning and end by midnight.

They are also paying to take down the scaffolding on William St. (though it will go right back up when filming wraps) and will set up cable crossings on that street so that they do not impede pedestrian traffic. Farrar assured the committee that there should be no street closures or bright lights shining into residential windows, since there will be no outside filming.

The 59-floor building at Exchange Place, constructed in 1931 as the City Bank Farmers Trust Building, is being converted into a luxury apartment building.

As a good will offering, Farrar said Columbia Pictures will donate money to Pace University, Manhattan Youth Downtown Community Center and the National Minority Business Council.

Committee chairperson Ro Sheffe praised Farrar and his team on making overtures toward the community board. “You’ve established a precedent that I hope a lot of other production companies follow,” he said.

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