Woolums column was wonderful

To The Editor:
Re “Mic check: The whole world is watching, and thinking” (talking point, by Sharon Woolums, Nov. 16):

Excellent piece on O.W.S.! Sharon Woolums is right on, that the whole world is watching…and also thinking. It is precisely this cognitive aspect of O.W.S. that I find so stimulating, and transformative. A few weeks ago, one of the mainstream news anchors, commenting on Zuccotti Park, was upset and confused that people were “just standing around” in the park. “What are these people doing, just standing around?!” she said, with an arrogant, shrill tone of voice. Well, Ms. Woolums helped to answer that question here: They where thinking. And talking to each other; since conversation often goes along with thinking.

Here’s an idea to ponder: How can New York City, and America, regain our democracy (and soul) that was “sold out” by financial gangsters and others in the elite 1 percent? O.W.S., by its very miraculous existence, is beginning to provide some answers.
John Bredin

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