Letter from the Publisher

In a changing world, The Villager is still here.

In recent years, the world of journalism and the definition of news are exploding. The Internet mashes radio, TV and print into one medium, one big stew. Blogs multiply and flourish covering whatever corner of the universe that interests them. Any Web site anywhere in the world is immediately accessible.

So why is The Villager here amidst all this high-tech media ferment?

As the world becomes more global and interconnected, we believe strongly that there is a commensurate need for a sense of place, a sense of community, a secure intergenerational nesting place where one can explore what’s close by. There is a deep need to find out what’s happening in your neighborhood, at your local police precinct, political clubs, schools, parks, community boards, art venues. Who’s building what and where? What businesses are coming and going? How is the quality of life changing in our neighborhoods? How can we influence this? What are our politicos up to? Who are the new upcoming political leaders? What are they up to? Who is being celebrated this week, or mourned?

We relish our mission, which is to try to write honestly, independently, fairly and forcefully, on a weekly basis, about events that make a difference in the lives of individuals and families in our neighborhoods.

In spite of all of the media changes, there are a few constants. Greenwich Village remains a nucleus of extraordinary vitality: There is no shortage of debate, dissension, volatility and creativity. We take great pride in the fact that our readers know and appreciate good writing.

And what does the future hold? Many have said that the Internet would kill the newspapers, but our four weeklies are well positioned for a dynamic and growing Internet presence. We refresh our Web sites every week with originally reported local content, and our Web traffic is growing by leaps and bounds. Advertisers have taken note, and we are now able to market their offerings through print and Internet simultaneously. We will continue to broaden the platforms of our news delivery as we expand our Web operations. We look forward to the challenges of publishing The Villager in this new multifarious environment.

We are proud to be part of a newspaper that has covered this great urban neighborhood for 75 years, and with your support, we will continue to publish your “hometown paper in the big city” for many more years to come.


John W. Sutter


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