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State Senate backs park money

The state Senate this week agreed to support $5 million for the Hudson River Park in the upcoming New York State budget for the 2005-6 fiscal year, according to Assemblymember Richard Gottfried, the Assembly co-author of the 1998 legislation that created the 5-mile long riverfront park currently under construction.

The funding, proposed by Governor Pataki, was included in the Assembly budget resolution but had been rejected by the Senate until this week when Senate leaders agreed that the $5 million for the park would come under the state’s Environmental Protection Fund. “We now have three-way agreement on this funding,” Gottfried said.

The funding will generate an additional $5 million from New York City under a long-standing agreement to fund the park by a state-city match.

With the addition to Hudson River Park of $10 million from Port Authority funds, the total state funding for the park in the coming fiscal year is $15 million. The city match will bring total funding for the Hudson River Park to $30 million in the 2005-6 fiscal year.

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